One, Two… Thieves Suck, Three, Four…Rhymes with Suck

This is something all indie authors suffer from, and it annoys the hell out of us. But what can we do?

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books

I’ve sat on this post for almost two weeks, unsure of hitting publish. It’s been changed a hundred times. This is becoming quite common with authors I know.

On the heels of publishing a new book, I’ve dealt with this kind of BS:

I’m talking about a different book going up on the same Thieving site each day. There are a lot of comments on the book links from those who have STOLEN them, and they are happy to have their stolen books.

I don’t usually make a big deal out of this other than pulling out hair. I’ll handle the site and move on, but suddenly it was as if a NEW thief discovered my books, and went nuts with all of them. Apparently, they caught me in the wrong mood this time.

One of my friends who found her books on the same site, pointed out that all…

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