Siobhan Daiko Writer

Re-blogging this lovely post by Caro Ness.

Caro Field Author

vencSiobhan Daiko Writer was born in Hong Kong,
But now pursues “La Dolce Vita”,
She taught the Welsh language for far too long,
Before relocating to Veneto, where life is far sweeter.
She writes about junks and opium and Chinese ghosts,
She writes of tigers near Causeway Bay,
She writes about Asolo in numerous posts,
She writes about prosecco, Italian ‘champagne’.
She tells of the Bela Vista hotel in Macau,
Pens of the Stanley Civilian Internment Camp,
Of Via Roberto Browning in her home town,
That dragon boat racing gets her rubber stamp.
Go check her out if you’re an Italophile,
Or want to learn more about Hong Kong tradition,
Or drink in some Italian romance for a while,
Just go there entirely of your own volition.

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