Chocolate Erotica

As many of us overindulge in chocolate over the holiday weekend, read this fascinating post from Jan Ruth. Happy Easter, everyone!

Jan Ruth

Erotica: (from the Greek ἔρως, eros “desire”) is any artistic work that deals substantively with erotically stimulating subject matter. All forms of art may depict erotic content, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature. Erotica has high-art aspirations, differentiating it from commercial pornography.


How dark can you take it?

High art. Does this apply to chocolate? In my opinion, it applies more to chocolate than a lot of literature. And if chocolate was graded according to fiction then surely it would have to be erotica? Award Winning Cathryn Cariad Chocolates are most certainly the high-art end of chocolate creation, removing themselves from the crude porn of supermarket chocolate bars and divulging our senses of the most sophisticated chocolate experience.

1385363_482502991848463_161612903_nCathryn Cariad chocolates are not bound by the conventional selection box either. Be prepared to delve into several sub-genres and rest assured that chocolate dragons will be someone’s erotic fantasy, but…

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Amazon Takes Aim At Scammers But Hits Authors

Move your TOCs to the front of your books!

David Gaughran

kuAmazon is an extremely innovative company – and usually quite responsive to self-publisher’s concerns – but sometimes it gets things very wrong too.

Today is one of those times.

I’ve received several reports from writers threatened with having books removed from sale, and heard even more worrying stories from others who had their titles actually removed from the Kindle Store without notice.

What were these authors guilty of? What crime did they commit for Amazon to adopt such heavy handed treatment? Something completely innocuous: the Table of Contents was at the rear of their books instead of at the front.

Yep, that’s it.

We’ll get to what might be the root cause of this crackdown in a moment, but Amazon is claiming that having a TOC in the end-matter instead of the front-matter is a breach of the (ever-changing, 100+ pages) Kindle Publishing Guidelines (PDF). Amazon says that rear TOCs result in…

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How To List At $0.00 On Amazon. No Exclusivity Or Price-Matching Required.

This might well be useful…

Mark Williams - The International Indie Author


Free On Amazon! And No, This Is Not A Self-Promo Post.

Yesterday I took one of my Sherlock For Kids titles out of KDP and uploaded to Amazon by another route and listed the price at $0.00.

Today here it is on Amazon at $0.00 with the immortal words “This price was set by the publisher.”

  • No exclusivity. It’s still on Apple, Kobo, etc.
  • No Select five days free every ninety days. This is free for just as long as I want it to be.
  • No going free on other retailers and just hoping Amazon will price-match, or getting friends to tell Amazon there’s a better price elsewhere. In fact it’s still at 0.99 on several retailers, but free on Amazon.

How? By uploading my title to StreetLib, the Italian aggregator (don’t panic, the site is in English!) that in many ways continues to lead the aggregator pack.

StreetLib’s Anne-Catherine…

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Review: “The Orchid Tree” by Siobhan Daiko

A wonderful review of The Orchid Tree by Christoph Fischer.


24839193Today I’ve got a special treat (it certainly was to me):

My review of THE ORCHID TREE by Siobhan Daiko

This is a truly beautiful story, the telling the coming of age of a 15 year old girl in Hong Kong during and after World War 2.
I’ve been to Hong Kong several times and have a deep love for it. The author also has first hand knowledge of the place and did a wonderful job at setting the scene and reminding me of all its beauty.
World War 2 was such a complex war with many theatres and players. Reading about the Japanese invasion and occupation of Hong Kong was historically particularly fascinating for me, as was the part about the period following WW2.
Daiko chose a great character to tell her story: Kate, a girl coming of age and falling in love. This unique perspective allows us to…

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Siobhan Daiko Writer

Re-blogging this lovely post by Caro Ness.

Caro Field Author

vencSiobhan Daiko Writer was born in Hong Kong,
But now pursues “La Dolce Vita”,
She taught the Welsh language for far too long,
Before relocating to Veneto, where life is far sweeter.
She writes about junks and opium and Chinese ghosts,
She writes of tigers near Causeway Bay,
She writes about Asolo in numerous posts,
She writes about prosecco, Italian ‘champagne’.
She tells of the Bela Vista hotel in Macau,
Pens of the Stanley Civilian Internment Camp,
Of Via Roberto Browning in her home town,
That dragon boat racing gets her rubber stamp.
Go check her out if you’re an Italophile,
Or want to learn more about Hong Kong tradition,
Or drink in some Italian romance for a while,
Just go there entirely of your own volition.

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