My Monday guest, Hilary Mortz, author of rock ‘n roll science fiction

This week I am delighted to welcome Hilary Mortz. According to her Amazon bio, Hilary is a middle aged rock fangirl who should have grown out of it all a long long time ago. She lives in Cyprus during the summer where she runs a tattoo parlour with her husband, the artist Paul Mortz. She winters in Yorkshire and America. Sounds like a perfect life to me!

hilz hat

How would you describe yourself as a colour, Hilz?

I think I would be leopard skin (that’s a colour, right?) – cos I’m a little bit cheesy rock’n’roll and a little bit retro. 🙂

Perfect! Are you a morning person, or a midnight candle burner?

I’m a creature of the night, Siobhan.  If you think the morning’s the best part of the day, you haven’t got much of a social life.

Bedtime, relaxing so you can sleep sounds or is your preference for something else?

Just my Kindle for a few minutes, then I sleep like the dead.

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have an all-time favourite song?

It’s no secret that I am partial to a bit of heavy rock.  I am very fickle about favourite songs, but I suppose my all-time favourite is ‘Blackbird’ by Alter Bridge, the combination of Mark Tremonti’s award winning guitar solo and Myles Kennedy’s voice is stunning.  A lot of heavy rockers have ‘Blackbird’ tattoos in tribute to the song.  I am a morbid so-and-so and one of my favourite daydreams is choosing my funeral song, so I suppose that would be it.  It’s on YouTube if you want to check it out.

I’ve listened to it and it’s really powerful. If your life were a movie, would it be considered an action film, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy or a combination?

Probably a comedy, according to my mates.  Can I have Helena Bonham Carter to play ‘me’? (You can tell I think about this sort of stuff a lot, can’t you?)

Aw! Let’s talk about your writing now, Hilz.

It’s taken me a long time to get the confidence to publish anything; there’s so many awesome writers out there I didn’t think I was worthy.

I’m sure that’s not the case. Tell us, where do you get your ideas from?

Probably from the times when I am lucky enough to get ‘Access All Areas’ at my favourite rock gigs.  Also, I’m really old – I can remember the 1970s and I suppose there’s a lot of subject matter stored away in the dusty recesses of my subconscious.

How did you come to incorporate science fiction into your books?

I honestly don’t know where the science-fiction element comes from – but somehow it just does, but I try not to take it too seriously.  Reign me in if I ever attend a ‘Harvesters’ Convention in Idaho or somewhere.

Would you like to write a different genre?

I would quite like to ‘dabble’ in historical fiction, but it would probably end up like a Channel 5 soap opera in my hands!

Ha! What’s your favourite part of writing?

Like most other authors, when it just ‘comes’ onto the page without me having to try.

And what’s your least favourite part?

I love it all – the research, editing, everything.

Which of your characters is your particular favourite?

In the Rockline Trilogy most people like ‘Geordie Selwyn’ the best – and I have to admit he is pretty loveable – but I adore the evil ‘Ruby Nathen’, who is the ultimate rock-star WAG Queen Bitch.  I’m also really fond of Fraser, the wily Airedale Terrier.

Hilz 1

Awesome! How do you handle writer’s block?

I go to a gig or on holiday and get some new ideas.

Do you write long hand first, or does it go straight onto the computer?

I write my chapters long-hand then revise them out of all recognition on my lap-top.

Do you always know how a story will end when you begin writing it?

No.  That would be boring for me.

Is location important in your books? Which geographical locations are your favourite?

Location is very important to me.  I like writing about 1970’s Tyneside and New York City.

Do you like to read the genre that you write?

I am writing the books I would like to read.

If you could see one of your novels turned into a Hollywood film, who would you like to see play the lead roles?

Another one I have been fantasing about! I would love Sting to play Geordie Selwyn or perhaps Jimmy Nail.  I think Catherine Zeta-Jones would make a great Ruby Nathen. Hilz 2

Do you have a special writing place? Tell us about it!

Probably my tattoo studio in Cyprus.  I like writing with the moans and whimpers of grown men echoing in my lugholes.

Hehe! What are you working on now?

I am researching my fourth novel at the moment.  Again, it is music based but some of the action will take place in Cyprus, with a back story stretching back to Tyneside in the 1970s.

Tell us about your most recent release!  

I have just released ‘Nevada Mind The Bollix, Part Two’ – the final part of the Rockline Trilogy. 

Hilz 3

As you might guess from the title, it is about some old punk rockers in Las Vegas, but it is also a bit of a roller-coaster travelling from 1970s London and New York and 1980s L.A.  Like Appetite For Corruption, the first book in the trilogy, it is a tongue in cheek black comedy, but scratch the surface and you will find a darker vein of sadness and fear and, I like to think, a classic love story or two.

It sounds amazing. Please let us have your social media and book links!

You can find me on Facebook at

On Twitter, I’m @hilzmortz


Nevada Mind The Bollix Part Two:

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