Siobhan Daiko: A Titillating Author to Explore during Droughtlander

I’m honored to be featured on Buzzard’s Eye View today.

Buzzard's Eye View

Picture 1 Kindle Book Cover of Siobhan Daiko’s Veronica Courtesan

Ahh!  Summertime!  Not the best time for television–all our favorite shows have aired their finales topping each other this season for the most gruesome, the most sensational, the bloodiest, most humiliating drag out pull of emotions that television has ever seen.  Take heart, they’ll be back with more eye-shocking and gut-wrenching visuals next year to compete again to capture the gold for the show that merits the most tweets and Facebook comments.

Picture 2 Paperback cover of Veronica by Siobhan Daiko

In the interim, for those lusting for more of the between the sheets action between the likes of Jamie Frasier and his wife Claire of Outlander fame, why not curl up with a good book that might just titillate your imagination?  Eschew the anodyne idea that a picture is worth a thousand words–put your mind to work and you’ll be piqued by what…

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