Lady of Asolo by Siobhan Daiko

The latest review of “Lady of Asolo”.

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I have received I gifted copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


My thoughts:
In the story we meet Fern, a young woman, who is visiting her aunt in Italy. Fern is looking for something to help her keep Sanity after the tragedy in which she has lost her fiancé, Henry. She find her remedy in painting and while looking for landscapes, buildings to paint she feels like she is floating. During this episodes she finds herself living in a body of Cecilia, a lady from 16th century. At the beginning she is confused. She starts to question her sanity and does not believe in spiritual world.

Fern and Cecilia, are totally two different characters, where Cecilia want love, passion and lust, Fern is closed and scared to live, in my opinion. Where language and sentences in Cecilia’s world were perfect for her…

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