Seven Facts about Me

Lovely blog awardThank you so much to my lovely fellow-writer, Renita D’Silva, author of the amazing Monsoon Memories, The Forgotten Daughter and The Stolen Girl for nominating me for this award. If you haven’t read those wonderful, heart-warming books yet, you’re in for a treat. Go grab yourself a copy today!

I’m honoured you’ve tagged me, Renita. For those not in the know, these blog awards are just for fun and a way to share blog appreciation.
For this one, those who participate have to:
• Display the award logo
• Thank and link back to the nominator
• List 7 facts about themselves
• Nominate 7 fellow bloggers to carry forward the relay.

Here are 7 facts about me:

  1. Like my nominator, Renita, I’m a foodie. For me, there’s nothing better than a meal out in a good restaurant. I love all kinds of food from Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, to good old favourites like bangers and mash. I enjoy cooking and my hubby is a fantastic cook. I think I married him for that reason and my figure has suffered ever since. 🙂
  2. Victor, my other half, was born in Hong Kong like me. His parents were white Russians who met in pre-war China. They moved to Hong Kong in 1948 to escape the communist revolution. Victor spent the early months of his life living in the Repulse Bay Hotel because of a housing shortage at that time. The Repulse Bay is a location in my novel, The Orchid Tree.
  3. I once met Elizabeth Taylor. Sir Run Run Shaw, the Hong Kong movie mogul, was an avid collector of my late father Douglas Bland’s paintings. Ms Taylor was on a private visit to Hong Kong to indulge her love of shopping, and Sir Run Run hosted a small dinner party to which he invited my mother. She was windowed by then and on a visit to Hong Kong from Italy, staying with Victor and me, so she asked if we could come along. Ms Taylor was very sweet and softly spoken. Victor got into a political discussion with her during the meal (my OH does tend to have an opinion on most things, lol).
  4. I’ve had a variety of jobs, from secretary/translator at the Italian Consulate in Hong Kong then as a PA in an Italian Bank in the City of London, followed by a stint running a Post Office/B&B in Herefordshire after our son was born. More recently, I taught Modern Foreign Languages in a Welsh high school.
  5. I once took 90 teenagers on a school visit to Madrid in Spain, one of my maddest ideas. Whilst in the city, we travelled on the metro, but broke up into smaller groups of 10 with one teacher assigned to each group. The only trouble I had was when some midnight drinking occurred (the pupils not the teachers), and I ended up having to accompany a boy to the hospital at 3 am because he was so drunk we couldn’t wake him. Happily he slept it off and no harm was done, but it was a scary few hours and I had visions of my teaching career going down the pan.
  6. I’m terrified of riding on roller coasters and I’m seriously claustrophobic, but I’m not scared of snakes, spiders or rats.
  7. I love swimming in the sea, animals (in another life I’d be happy running a zoo), and travel. On my bucket list is a trip around the world, stopping off in Burma, Vietnam, China, Australia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, California, New Orleans, New York, Canada, you name it. I’d like to see more of Italy, in particular Sicily and Sardinia, too. Just need to win the lottery, ha ha!

It’s my pleasure to nominate, in no particular order, the following lovelies to carry on the relay:

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel, Tina Burton, Jan Ruth, Teagan Geneviene, Ann Bennett, Gisela Hausman

and last, but not least James Milson.