The Orchid Tree by Siobhan Daiko

A lovely review of “The Orchid Tree” by Rosie Amber this morning.

Rosie Amber

The Orchid TreeThe Orchid Tree by Siobhan Daiko

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Orchid Tree is a historical drama set in Hong Kong. The First part is from 1941 – 1945 during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during WWII. Fifteen year old Kate Wolseley is British and lives with her parents on The Peak. When the Japanese invade and the governor surrenders no one can quite believe what happens.

Once the Japanese have taken over, Kate and her family are moved to the Stanley Internment Camp, an ex-prison. Conditions are poor and food soon runs very short. Kate makes friends with Charles Pearce a half Chinese boy as they queue each day for water and attend lessons together. The descriptions and imagery are very thought provoking as everyone waits to be rescued by either the British or the Americans.

Across the water in Macau we meet Sophia Rodrigues and…

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Short videos to promote “The Orchid Tree”.

I was introduced to Windows Movie Maker by a writer friend. It’s incredibly easy to use and I’ve already made three videos to promote “The Orchid Tree”.

A book trailer.

A video about the setting of part one.

and one showing the other locations in the novel.

Hope you enjoy my creative efforts!

Fragrant Haven – A short story

I’ve been busy working on the preparations for the launch of The Orchid Tree, and I’ve also written a short story, Fragrant Haven, which is like a prequel to the novel. Here is the lovely cover designed by J.D. Smith

Fragrant Haven Cover MEDIUM WEB

Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’m immensely grateful to my editor, John Hudspith, for helping me lick it into shape. Here’s the description:

“James battles typhoon and treachery to find his fragrant haven.

A short story. Contains adult themes.”

The story is available free to download from Smashwords, and should also be free on Amazon shortly.

We’ve had a quiet start to the New Year in our little corner of Italy, but hope to get out for an adventure at the Venice Carnival next week, high tide permitting.