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THE ORCHID TREE by Siobhan Daiko

A coming of age story set against the background of World War II and changing values in post-war Hong Kong society.

The Orchid Tree Cover MEDIUM WEB

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An evocative and mesmerising read,’ RENITA D’SILVA, author of Monsoon Memories.

Fifteen year-old Kate Wolseley lives a rarefied life of wealth and privilege in the expatriate community. But when the Japanese take over the colony in December 1941, she’s interned in squalid Stanley Camp with her parents.
Forty miles away, in Macau, Sofia Rodrigues’ suspicions are aroused when her father invites a Japanese family to dinner, an event which leads to a breach between Sofia and her controlling half-brother, Leo.
Enduring cramped conditions, humiliation, disease, and starvation, Kate befriends seventeen year-old Charles – who’s half Chinese – and they give…

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