Caterina Cornaro’s “Barco”

Lady of Asolo will be released tomorrow. Here is a blog I wrote after researching the Sovereign Lady of Asolo’s villa of delights, where parts of the story are set.

Siobhan Daiko

What I love about the setting of my novel, In My Lady’s Shadow, is that I could visit my locations and dream about what they would have been like half a millennium ago. IMLS is partly set in Caterina Cornaro’s country estate, which was said, at the start of the Sixteenth Century, to be a place worthy of a King of France.

There were originally three enclosed spaces within an area of about 112 acres. The outer space was reserved for hunting and was filled with wildlife.

A model in the Giorgione Museum, Castelfranco, shows the living quarters and gardens before 1509. All that remains today is part of the east wing.


Here is a painting of what was left of the estate in the 18th Century.


The whole complex, a cross between a castle and a Venetian villa, was a palace of relaxation and delights where Caterina Cornaro…

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