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I’m reblogging this since the lovely Alex Martin has agreed to pick up the batten and write a blog about her workspace. Alex Martin grew up in Wiltshire and its rich and ancient tapestry informs her novel, DAFFODILS. It is set in World War One, a time when the role of women changed forever. The story follows Katy, a young, naive and restless domestic servant who through personal tragedy, courage and intelligence, transforms her life and finds the adventure she always craved. She just never knew the price would be so high…
The sequel, PEACE LILY, is now published and takes the characters into the aftermath of the Great War. They have to find a new way to live in a world in which they have changed and yet the old power struggles remain. A third book, Speedwell, is planned to quickly follow and will complete the trilogy – for now.
The Twisted Vine, Alex Martin’s debut novel, is based on personal experience of picking grapes in the 1980s. Harvesting vines is like harvesting words – hard work but fun.

Alex Martin is also a qualified herbalist and aromatherapist (see She loves nature so much she relies on it for her health and happiness and dispenses its treasures to others. This does not pay well. Not in financial terms.
She has turned to her keyboard, her first love, for another source of income. She can mostly be found, scribbling or tapping away in her garden shed, indulging that passion, as the wind and rain lash at her little refuge.You’ll have to pop over to blogspot to connect with Alex at

Siobhan Daiko

Welcome to the My Workspace Blog Hop. When the lovely Teagan asked me if I’d like to be tagged for this, I was happy to agree. I love the space where I work, and I’m delighted to share it with you.

I have a long, narrow room, which was originally part of Douglas Bland Artist’s studio. My mother had it converted into a cottage about ten years ago; she couldn’t bear to go into it as it brought back so many memories of my dad. I feel privileged to be enjoying the space and trust that his spirit approves.

This is what the cottage looks like from the main house.

Looking towards from big house

Come through the door guarded by Sophie Cat. The fresco on the outside wall, a copy of Botticelli’s Madonna with the Book, was originally painted by my father.

Garden door

Inside, on the left, there’s a Chinese cabinet given to us…

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