Character-filled Caorle

We’d heard about this seaside town, where our local amici go if they want a day at the beach, but we’d never visited before. Friends from Scotland were staying, which made a good excuse for an adventure. So we drove through the Veneto countryside, via Treviso Nord and San Donà di Piave.

Caorle.8Caorle dates back to the first century BB, when it was an important military and commercial town. Like Venice, it was built on the swamp lands of the lagoon by refugees from the barbarian invasions. Today it’s a lively town which thrives on the fishing industry and tourism. Hemingway set his novel, Across the River and Into the Trees, in the vicinity of Caorle and one of my father’s paintings has the same name.

The pretty, coloured buildings of the town reminded us of our visit to Burano last April.


The sun warming our backs and the scent of the sea in our nostrils, we strolled to the Church of Madonna dell’Angelo, which dates back to the 6th Century. It’s at the end of a pier by the beach, and the square bell-tower was originally a place to watch out for approaching enemy ships. We saw some fascinating sculptures along the waterfront.


The Duomo di Santo Stefano (11th Century), with its unique bell tower, was our next stop. I lit a candle for Mum and inhaled the fragrant incense perfuming the air.


Hungry, we made our way to the Taverna Caorlina for seafood spaghetti. Went down a treat with crisp Prosecco. Yum!


More walking around, and we spotted this traditional Venetian fishing boat, tucked in among the more modern vessels.IMG_1526Caorle_m

Ah, it was getting late and we had to go home, but Caorle is definitely a place to which we shall return.


8 thoughts on “Character-filled Caorle

  1. Ma che bella cosa. I want some much to be there. If you go by the Asilo in Asolo give it my love. I miss that town so much. Maybe next year. I’d love to touch base with you. If you go down the road by San gaetano and turn left uou will ( at my cousins house.


  2. Siobhan, you have charmed me once again. I really think National Geographic, or a travel channel should hire you as a narrator. You have such a gift.
    I guess it’s “tomorrow” where you are, so wishing you sweet dreams. Hugs! 🙂


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