Birthday on Burano

How spoiled I was to wake up on my birthday in Venice! And even more pampered to have chocolate crêpes for breakfast!!


Our stay in the Hotel Villa Stella on the Lido over, we caught a short bus ride to the vaporetto stop, where we took this picture of St Mark’s Basin with the Dolomites in the background.


Soon, we were on our way to Burano, the colourful island of which we’d heard so much but had yet to visit. They say, ‘he who does not know Burano does not know the light of the lagoon,’ and it was certainly true on 17th April.


We wandered around, hoping to see some of the local inhabitants whose daily life is supposed to take place out of doors. Where were the women making lace on their doorsteps? Where were the fishermen mending their nets and cleaning their boats? I suspect they were hiding from the tourists…




Chocolate crêpes don’t keep you sated for long, and hunger beckoned. We’d made a booking at the Trattoria al Gatto Nero.The friendly waiters showed us to our table and gave us a glass of Prosecco “on the house”.


Shell-fish starter – delicious.


Risotto alla buranella – the broth is made from local fish, ghiozzi, which are caught daily. Full of delicate flavours.


We shared a tiramisu – classic, rich, and dusted with butter cacao. Yum!


Having splurged on a bottle of crisp white Tocai, we let slip it was my birthday and our waiter brought us a glass of dessert wine, again “on the house.” What a wonderful restaurant!


Sipping and savouring the atmosphere, and enjoying the serenade from a saxophone player, I couldn’t resist making this video clip. Quite funny, as Victor didn’t realise he was being filmed.

After coffee, we headed back to the ferry, passing pretty alleyways and more canals. We looked for shops selling Burano lace, but realised that what was on offer must have been made in China. The real thing is too expensive for the likes of us.




The ferry took us back to the Fondamente Nuove, and we walked off our lunch by heading to the Ca’ d’Oro on foot rather than go the long way round by water.

Venice-hotel-American_mapWe passed more photo opportunities.




From there, we took the vaporetto down the Grand Canal to the station. Back on the train to Castelfranco, we felt blessed for the glorious weather and beauty of our surroundings. My first birthday since Mum passed away, and, like Victor’s last November, bitter-sweet. To every time there is a season.  We wondered where we would have our next adventure.

11 thoughts on “Birthday on Burano

  1. Thanks for taking us with you, Siobhan. 🙂
    And may you be comforted in the loss of your Mum. I know what it’s like to lose a loved parent. x


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