Back in the Veneto for New Year’s Eve- La Festa di San Silvestro

After a family Christmas with our son and his girlfriend in London we left wet and windy Britain for our second home in Italy, just in time to celebrate the New Year. As our plane touched down in Venice, the festivities had already begun.

Redentore fireworks

images 5

We’d left our car at the airport, and, an hour or so after our arrival, we were back in the house, opening a bottle of Prosecco and gazing out at fireworks exploding in all the towns and villages below us.


We remembered past celebrations when we would gather together with the family for a huge feast. Were we a lonely twosome? Not at all. We were glad to be back in the Veneto countryside after the busyness of London. Our home in Chepstow, South Wales, is similar in that respect. I suppose we’re country mice at heart, even though we’re looking forward to more romance and adventure in the coming year. This pic of Santas on the Grand Canal might just inspire us…


Happy New Year to you! May 2014 be filled with light and joy as you strive to achieve your desires in peace and good will.