Christmas Market in Bassano del Grappa

We’d heard about the Christmas market in Bassano del Grappa, so, this week, we decided on a mini adventure back to the town I blogged about on 30th May. As usual, we parked in the Viale dei Martiri then wandered down this side street IMG_0472passing a the window of a bakery so well-decorated it could have been a fashion store. IMG_0473

Wooden huts lined the centre of the Piazza Garibaldi, the first selling figurines for Christmas Cribs, or presepe IMG_0475A stall selling all sorts of goodies caught our eye, and we treated ourselves to a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.IMG_0476

Gorgeous decorations, but we’ve got stacks of them so resisted buying any more…IMG_0477

Bassano is famous for its ceramics, and this stall tempted us into getting a spoon rest.IMG_0479Couldn’t resist these olives


or some Pecorino cheese…  IMG_0481

Here’s Victor, carrying our purchases. IMG_0484

The Cannoli in the Pasticceria Siciliana went down a treat.


We walked them off has we headed past another side street


to get some panettone


We wanted to have a ride on the carrousel in the Piazza Libertà, but it had already closed for the night.

IMG_0488On our way back to the car, we strolled past a stall selling chocolate spoons, hammers, chisels, paintbrushes and pencils. Could we resist another purchase?  Impossible!


Victor and I will be visiting our son in London over Christmas, and won’t be back here until the New Year.  This will be my last post of 2013. I wish you all a blessed holiday season and every happiness in 2014.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Market in Bassano del Grappa

  1. Amazing chocolate stall! And how lovely that you wanted to ride on the Carousel – I always want to, but feel too self-conscious. Next time I’m going to pretend I’m in Italy, and just do it anyway.

    Have a lovely Christmas!


  2. I love carrousels. It’s easy to ride when you’re with children (you can pretend to be looking after them). Not sure they’d have let us on, but the hope was there…


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