Buffet lunch and history at the Villa Razzolini Loredan near Asolo

I haven’t posted for over a month as life has got in the way. My mother is seriously ill in hospital, but before her illness she came with us when we were invited to the 80th Birthday of Eva, the lady who sang at our wedding –  a buffet lunch in the barchessa of the Villa Razzolini Loredan 


near Asolo.  The villa dates from the 1700s and is constructed in a style typical of those stately homes that were built by Venetian patrician families on the mainland.


At the same time as the party (see the tables in the picture above), a historical re-enactment of medieval life was taking place in the grounds of the villa and, after lunch, we strolled around taking photos while Mum chatted with old friends.

 IMG_0348   IMG_0352 IMG_0354



I felt as if the characters in my novel, Lady of Asolo, had come to life and it was a jolt to return to the 21st Century when we negotiated the cobbles with Mum in her wheelchair, clambered into the car and made our way home. A mini adventure this time, but the romance lives on.

11 thoughts on “Buffet lunch and history at the Villa Razzolini Loredan near Asolo

  1. I am glad you were able to take your Mum with you on this lovely outing, so important to the older generation to have the opportunity. So sorry to hear that she has since been taken ill, wishing her a speedy recovery, will keep you all in my thoughts.


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