Asolo – town of a hundred horizons

Asolo has been described as the town of a hundred horizons. From every angle there’s another spectacular view. This is how we see it from our place (with a zoom lens). If you look up the word asolare it’s defined as “the action of someone who, to shake off stress, goes out to breathe deeply in the open air.” How can anyone fail to asolare here among the olive groves and vineyards?

IMG_0378My next picture is taken looking towards the Borgo Santa Caterina district with Caterina Cornaro’s Castle, one of the settings of Lady of Asolo, to the right, and the medieval fortress overlooking the town to the left, a close-up of the view from our house, except ours is partly obscured by the Monte dei Frati hill (Bottom right of above pic).IMG_0364And the other side of the hill leading up to Borgo Santa Caterina, the Forresto di Pagnano district, shows a different angle.

IMG_0384Below I have reproduced one of the most iconic views of the town. To the left are the castle grounds and, in the centre, the cathedral campanile points towards the Rocca fortress like a giant finger.colli-asolani-asoloWhat I love about this place, which I first visited when I was ten years old, is that it hasn’t changed (unlike the Hong Kong of my childhood). As Bernardi said in The Asolan Spirit, “the living rock and rosy humanity of the small town buildings transmits an idea of perpetuity, of permanence, insofar as can ever exist on Earth. Perhaps that is one of the secrets of Asolo.” I have set my novel here. Who can live near this magical setting and not be inspired to write, paint, sing or dream about it?