Apricots and Cheese in Asiago

What to do when the weather is baking hot? Go up a mountain or to the beach, of course! Well, the other day we decided to opt for a day-trip to Asiago. Less crowded than the Adriatic and a bit nearer to where we live.

We took the road up from behind Marostica (see previous post)

Asiago 5

to the small town, nestled on the plain at the summit. asiago 2

It was here that a battle was fought in May 1916, during World War I, after an unexpected counter-offensive was launched  by the Austro-Hungarians. We’ve visited the War Memorial and museum on previous occasions. Ernest Hemingway also fought here.  And, in a later engagement in 1918, Edward Brittain, brother of Vera Brittain, was killed and was buried in the Granezza British military cemetery on the plateau. In 1970 Vera’s ashes were scattered on his grave.

But we weren’t focusing on past tragedy this time. Asiago is famous for its cheese and so we headed for a shop to buy some.

IMG_0310l_asiago fresh

Punnets of juicy apricots also caught our eye and we chose the one on the top left of this picture.


After a stroll around the town and some discussion, we decided to take a different route back down to the Sugana Valley


and counted more than twenty hairpin bends on the way.Road

Great views compensated for the somewhat scary drive and, safely home, we decided to try this recipe for Apricot Cake, which is far lighter than another favourite recipe with marscapone cream which you can find here.  Delicious!

16 thoughts on “Apricots and Cheese in Asiago

  1. The road looks like one in a car commercial on TV. I’ll have to pay attention to see if it is a Fiat Commercial. I can taste that darn apricot with the Asiago cheese darn you! I think the smell of the cheese shoppe a lone would make me devour it before leaving. I’ve said it before, but I love your road trips. Will check out your recipe.

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  2. We were in Pennyslvania last week. There are some rather steep roads there, too. Or at least they seem that way to me because the section of NJ where I live is flat. I like flat. 🙂


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