Treviso or “Little Venice”

I used to think it such a shame that “Little Venice” is overlooked by the tourists who arrive on their RyanAir flights, and hop on a bus direct to the larger city of canals. The other day we decided to visit Venice’s “poor relation” and the capital of the province where we live. We arrived at lunchtime, a good time as parking is easier, and immediately found a space in the Piazza del Duomo.


Having already planned our route we set off on foot down the Via Calmaggiore.


This charming porticoed street leads to the Piazza dei Signori and was the main road in Roman times.



We took a pic of the Palazzo dei Trecento, which was built in the early thirteenth century,  but on Wednesday echoed to the sound of university graduates celebrating their laureate with crowns of laurels, drinking in the numerous wine bars, and singing a dirty song Dottore .. Dottore … Dottore del buso del c***. I wonder how many of them will find work in these difficult times?

Giving them a wide berth, we headed for the Buranelli Canal to take some photos.


The River Sile and its tributary the Botteniga meet in Treviso and the water flows through several picturesque waterways that give the town its Venetian look. The warmth of the first sunny day in weeks on our arms, we soaked up the atmosphere and decided to come back here more often.





Back in the Piazza dei Signori we stopped for a gelato before returning to our car. A good thing Treviso isn’t too touristy, we thought with hindsight. It’s a gem we can keep to ourselves. Che bella città!

10 thoughts on “Treviso or “Little Venice”

  1. What a gem, your little Venice. We were in the ‘big Venice” in March. Loved it, but what a lot of tourists, I think I would have been ‘over the moon’ to discover the other Venice.


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